For me the nail salon is like church.

And on days like today, when parenting struggles get the best of me and I just don't make it to my real church, I go get my nails done. There's something about freshly pedicured toe nails. They make me feel like I can take on the world like a boss! I like to pick colors that inspire me or make me smile. Sometimes seasonal and sometimes just because it has a cool name. Like today I chose "Deutsch you wanna give me a kiss?" I mean, how can you resist that? 

My nail salon is a few blocks from my house in a trendy little SF neighborhood. I've been going here for over a decade. I've spent months of both my pregnancies here, having swollen feet rubbed while my tummy was almost popping. I've gone here before every fundraiser and big ministry event when I want to look pretty and feel prepared.  And then I've spent a lot of days like today there. Days when I need a pick me up, when it hasn't all gone as planned and I'm feeling a little needy. So, off to church.

There's so many reasons why the nail salon is like church for me, but most of all it's this. It's where I get to sit quietly, put down my phone and connect with Jesus. That simple. That's often my biggest need. To make space in my life for me and Jesus to just connect. It's a not a Christian nail salon. I don't pull out my Bible or try to share my faith with every unsuspecting customer sitting next to me. It's just me and Jesus hanging out.

That’s often my biggest need. To make space in my life for me and Jesus to just connect

I'm not talking about quiet times or reading my Bible or more formalized time with God. I mean, making space in the margins of my day to just connect with Him. In small ways. Sometimes I just need to breathe Him in. Like in the middle of a tough conversation at work I take a couple deep breaths and I imagine the Holy Spirit just filling up my lungs. Then back at it. Or when I'm with my kids and I'm feeling overwhelmed by the demands, I just walk into the kitchen and say a short prayer. Sometimes I whisper his name in a crowd or when I hear sirens and I'm reminded that bad things are happening somewhere. I remind myself that Christ is in EVERYTHING. Everything. Every detail, every conversation, every emotion and every moment. And because of that I can breathe. I can breathe in strength, joy and wisdom. I can breathe Him in. Because connecting with Him is as easy as sitting in a nail salon and breathing in His presence.