The Winter solstice marks the darkest and longest night of the year. Perhaps it should also act as a reminder that our own extended seasons of pain, discouragement and weariness are not abandoned to hopelessness, but rather that this is the cycle of life. Before growth and birth there is a slow movement through murky shadows and the blackness of night. The blue dimness drags out despair and desperation, and offers little comfort for those who wait for the morning. Nothing can change the season, make it move faster or change with more hurry. It’s as if every gloomy nightfall has been saved for this moment, now released and making the dark more somber and thick. It’s our longest night and often this is where faith fades and dreams are discarded. 

And then at the peak, the very crown of depression, there’s a glimmer of light to awaken our fading conviction. In the twilight, the vacant space between day and night, all at once our breakthrough seems attainable. The glow is a soft pink and becoming more and more radiant by the second. It creeps so slowly it’s feels almost fraudulent and dreamlike. It’s so abstract that we’re tempted to believe we’re tricked by the darkness, a hallucination to torment us with our own foolish hope. It’s the turning point. The shift we can sense with our spirit but have yet to grasp with our hands. Light is dawning. It always has.

Jesus steps into the summit of night and ushers in the twilight. The dominion of Christ is one of light and life, bringing a dawn that nothing can delay. Not our fading faith or our weary knees. The dawn is inevitable, predictable and holds promise of a new day and fresh season. Burdens are banished and heavy yokes broken. For to us a Child is born and His great light cannot be contained, restrained or postponed. He’s the Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace and we can’t prevent His kingdom from displacing the night to give birth to the morning.

This Christmas season I sense the twilight in my own life. The healing, the breakthrough, the promise, the victory and the abundance. I can’t quite hold it yet, but I’m starting to believe it’s coming. After all, it’s the cycle of life. Though the lights on my tree are pretty and the gifts look enticing, they are but a glimmer of He who is the great light, offering the greatest present of all - the unbridled twilight. 

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!