I wish faith was easy. I really do. I wish it didn’t feel so alien to my mind and so unfamiliar to my soul. I feel like I’m always reaching, always trying to touch something external. It’s out there and I’m here. I don’t want this to be my life. I want to live in faith and have faith live in me. One. Completely surrendered to a life of expectancy and abandoned to the unexpected. 

By definition faith is grandiose. Always bigger than ourselves. Always believing in the impossible, unrealistic and naturally unattainable. When spoken out loud it sounds ridiculous, at worst the narrative of the stupid and irrational, and at best the fantasy of the overly hyped and spiritually unhinged.  It never feels 100% certain or something I can tangibly grasp in all it’s fullness. Every day I fight to even touch it. But friends, this is the truth – faith is more real than you and me. Faith resides as part of a kingdom that is more true than this world, a realm where the unbelievable and never-gonna-happen kind of stories are commonplace. This kingdom breaks into a mundane normal day like a breeze through an open window, and for a moment we recognize that the divine is all around us, touching us, steering us and influencing our world. But once the breeze passes we often forget the window is even open.

Following Jesus is a life lived outside of limitations. We belong to a supernatural world where faith is the currency for living, called to be people who expect the impossible, hope for the incredible and believe for the inconceivable. And yet so many of us rarely live into this kind of faith. Why are we so restrained? Why do we forget who we are? Maybe it’s because the fruit of faith is rarely immediate. We give up, and find ourselves returning to a place where what we see is more true than what we’re believing for. But isn’t that the very nature of faith? It doesn’t ever wear the guise of the familiar or expected. We wont always see the results right now. We wont always feel it. This is why the Bible defines faith as being certain of what we don’t see. It’s the essence of an unearthly realm we’re called to inhabit, but many of us feel like foreigners waiting to be shipped home rather than citizens who have established our lives here.

Some days I wake up feeling so discouraged and resistant to the impossible. I conjure up all the reasons why hope is futile and the obstacles too huge. Other days it’s the opposite and my heart dreams wild visions unrestrained by my circumstances and resources. I’m working on positioning my heart towards expectancy, so more often than not I’m dreaming and leaving the discouragement in the rear mirror. If you’re feeling this struggle, be encouraged you are not alone. But be stirred up, the window is open. Don’t wait for the breeze once in a while, jump through and experience life in the kingdom of the impossible.

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