In less than three short weeks we’ll be touching down in the UK as a family of 4. I’ve missed England. The smell of the countryside, the sound of British chatter and the cobbled stone beneath my feet. These days I’m very much a city girl, with an accent that few people can accurately identify, but my heart very much still belongs to rolling hills and craggy stone walls.

The anticipation of returning home stirs so many emotions. After being gone for so long there’s a fear that returning will reveal how much has changed. The shifting and evolving of people I love and places I miss. Returning home exposes the rhythms of life, the movement and transitions we all travel through. Who we were then and who we are now. Change reminds us that we were once young, naive and less aware. It can be uncomfortable to look at our personal growth journey, we tend to focus on the lows, and spend little time celebrating the highs.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the wonder and gratitude that can be found by extending the gift of celebration to our past.

By unearthing joy-filled memories and recalling steps of courage, we stir up faith for the future. Even the disappointments and regrets can be seen through a lens of hope. If we can see Jesus in our past - even the darkest times - we’ll be assured of His presence in the future too. No matter what it holds.

So for me this trip home is a celebration. Of all the people who have made my life special, all the memories that still carry me forward and of all the ways Jesus has been present in every moment of every day.

24 Hours + $1800

This trip to the UK has many relational components. Beyond the vacation, time with family and friends and the chance to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we are also joining a team from our San Francisco church for five days to help launch a brand new church in the heart of London. It’s exciting because we LOVE London and we’re excited about what God is doing in the UK. We’re going to learn, pray and come alongside the existing Christian community there to encourage and bless them. For years we’ve traveled the world serving various nations and praying a blessing on many cities - what a joy to return to the UK and do the same there!

In less than three weeks we need to raise $1800 to be fully funded for this trip. For the next 24 hours you have a very unique chance to see your gift double. 

A very generous donor has offered us a $500 matching gift for the next 24 hours ONLY! Please consider partnering with us and have your gift go further. Gifts are tax-deductible via YWAM. (Please note our name in the comments box)

Mini Kim Family Interview

What are you hoping for from this trip?

Brian: Some rest and fresh perspective on life in general. Really good memories showing the children somewhere different and to learn more about where Ruthie comes from.

Keilan: I'm hoping for chocolate!

Ruthie: I'm looking forward to the chance to connect with my roots and see what God wants to speak.

What are you most excited for?

Keilan: The plane ride because I get to watch movies and sleep on a plane.

What do you think will be the most challenging part?

Brian: Sleep schedules! Adjustment to time change and jet lag with kids is hard. 

Ruthie: Driving on the opposite side of the road again!

What foods are you most excited to eat?

Brian: Cream tea, roast meals and a good curry.

Keilan: They definitely don't eat sushi there.

Me: How do you know that?

Keilan: Well I didn't eat it last time I was there! (He was 2!) Sticky toffee pudding sounds good. 

What are you most excited to do?

Keilan: Ride a train and feed the ducks

Phoenix: YES! Duckies eat bread!

Ruthie: See people we love!