Reframing Rest Praxis is an intimate and unique online learning experience for women, designed to integrate both the theory and practice of rest. Through interactive discussion, coaching, teaching, and reading, as well as fresh and insightful activities, attendees will learn to live daily into a true and biblical narrative of rest.

Praxis is a word to describe the practical application or embodiment of theory. It’s the way we invite our theology to inspire every moment of our daily lives. The focus of Reframing Rest Praxis will be on dismantling shame in our lives, developing realistic healthy rhythms of rest and investing in a life lived fully connected to Jesus.

Together, let’s Reframe Rest and see how God transforms and empowers our lives!

Who Is This For?

Praxis is designed to be an intensive learning environment that will act as a catalyst for exponential spiritual and emotional growth. It is for those who are ready to make rest a priority, for those who desire to develop healthy and life-giving rhythms that lay the foundation for a restful life. 

  • Have you been struggling to develop restful rhythms and wished you had someone to coach you?

  • Are you desiring to bridge the gap between your theology of rest and day-to-day living?

  • Are you seeking greater freedom from shame?

  • Are you ready to take thoughtful steps towards change?

What Can I Expect?

Each week, Ruthie will be teaching, facilitating discussion, and coaching the group towards more self-awareness and growth. You will be free to ask questions, share your own journey, receive input, and encouragement. The benefit of this small online community means that all of this can happen from the comfort of your living room.

Outside of the weekly online gathering, attendees will read The Soul of Shame, watch short videos and engage with brief, but powerful activities to help make a theology of rest, practical in your daily life.


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