RISING is an 8 week online class, with a vision to equip women to hear the voice of Jesus and grow in confidence sharing His heart with others.

During this class you will glean vital tools to clarify how you hear the voice of Jesus. You will have the opportunity to practice and gain confidence, all within the safe context of a supportive group of women.

The title RISING is based on Isaiah 60 where we are encouraged to "Arise, shine, for your light has come.” Now more than ever we as women are called to rise up and use our prophetic voice -  to impact our families and the community around us. This prophetic voice needs to be deeply rooted in intimacy with Jesus, and nurtured through a daily lifestyle of communication. During this weekly group meeting using Zoom, Ruthie will be your guide and coach, sharing from her own personal journey and giving you practical tools that you can start using immediately.

RISING will cover the following topics and more:

  • A Biblical foundation for hearing God’s voice

  • How to discern the voice of God versus the many others we can hear

  • How to identify and overcome obstacles hindering you

  • Nurturing daily intimacy with Jesus

  • Understanding your prophetic voice and how to use it

  • Practices and activities to strengthen your faith and confidence

If you are in the early stages of learning to hear from God, want to develop your prophetic voice and are ready to take steps of faith to move past your comfort zone - RISING is for you! Ruthie is intentionally keeping this class small for more one-on-one interaction with the the group, therefore space is very limited.  Sign up today!

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Having a community of amazing women who all love Jesus and earnestly seek to hear and share His voice encourages me to lean further into intimacy of relationship with Him, to keep listening and trusting through my fear and doubt and uncertainty – and without fail, Jesus is there and waiting for me. RISING has given me the tools and encouragement I need to earnestly seek Jesus’ voice.
Ruthie’s RISING online class enriched my soul and gave me a needed “detox” and refreshment in my understanding and practice of hearing God’s voice. Through engaging discussions and Ruthie’s emphasis on growing in our understanding of the character of God and His abundant nature, I grew in recognizing and discerning His empowering voice and presence.