Ruthie Kim speaks from Matthew 11 about the invitation to rest, and how shame can rob us of true rest. // January 2019

Ruthie Kim teaches from John 3:1-17 on how the Holy Spirit makes us fully alive and brings renewal, even in the darkest areas of our lives.

Ruthie Kim teaches from Exodus 3:1-4 and 4:1-17 on God's calling of Moses and how it demonstrates the unexpected and countercultural ways that God invites us into His Kingdom work. // May 2018

Ruthie Kim teaches from Genesis 38:1-30 on the story of Judah and Tamar, showing how it demonstrates God's heart of redemption. // April 2018

Ruthie Kim teaches from Psalm 23:3 and John 10:1-15 on Jesus the Good Shepherd, who brings new life to our souls through His consistent, loving presence and guiding voice. // March 2018

Ruthie Kim speaks from 1 John 4:18 on the fears we daily face and how God's steadfast love can be our powerful refuge. // June 2017

Ruthie Kim speaks from Matthew 2:1-12 on the story of the wise men and King Herod, and how it relates to our own journey with Jesus. // December 2017

Ruthie speaks from Matthew 7:1-6, 12 on Jesus’ command to not hold others in judgment but rather to offer compassion and love. // Aug 2017


Ruthie Kim speaks from Matthew 5:13-16 on the theme of light in Scripture, and how that informs the way we live in a world that often feels dark.

Sharing testimony from her own life, Ruthie shares a short devotional about the restoration and new things we can believe for in our lives.      

Ruthie speaks on the importance of pausing in the midst of life to remember God’s faithfulness and promises in Joshua 3:5-16. // February 2017


Ruthie speaks on the practice of waiting in the Advent season and the immense value of waiting, hoping, and trusting in God. Luke 1:5-22. // December 2016

Ruthie speaks on how the love of God pursues us and meets us in our darkest moments. How we can move beyond feeling unloved, to loved.  // October 2016


It's possible for joy and lament to co-exist in our lives - if we allow Jesus to enter into the tension with us. Ruthie invites you to explore the life of Mary and to consider what it looks like to allow hope to grow in the midst of struggle. // December 2015.

Ruthie speaks on how God invites us to be active participants in His story and how the Holy Spirit equips us to do so in Acts 2:1-47. // Feb 2016.



Speaking to a women's group in San Francisco about journeying towards restoration and life, Ruthie shares her story of pioneering  Because Justice Matters. // August 2015.

Two fathers call to us - one the father of lies the other who offers life. Ruthie speaks on how Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life for us not only for eternity but also in our everyday lives in John 14:1-21. // August 2015.